Should we Replace unary calls with a bi-directional stream to improve performance?

This is a hot debate that came up during one of our architectural discussions recently.

Google’s gRPC team advises against it, but nevertheless, few can argue that theoretically, streams should have lower overhead. …

A quick 8 steps for JS developer to get familiar with Powershell scripting syntax.

Why learn PowerShell Core in 2020?

  • Open Source
  • MacOS, Linux and Windows automation
  • Object-oriented
  • Rich Dotnet core APIs
  • As easy as JavaSript

Bit 1: Hello World!

  • Create a file hello-world.ps1
  • We learnt: comments, string, console output and running a file.

Bit 2: Variables, Functions and Maps

Bit 3: Operators and Arrays

Bit 4: Loops and conditions

Bit 5: Command line arguments and input

Save following…

Design the missing link of Product Development

I often compare Manufacturing industry with Software to explain ideas like testing strategy, Devops and CI/CD. And I feel there is one important concept that the wider software industry is yet to learn from Manufacturing. And it is that of Designing and prototyping.

A manufacturing startup would have not doubt…

Desktop apps are always fun to build and use. They are the most powerful way of communicating with computers. This post will give you a basic understanding of using Electron for creating cross platform desktop apps.

In the old days, I used Netbeans to quickly create desktop apps with Swing…

When I first began learning about Redux, I instantaneously felt in love with it. I could define my front-end state mutation as pure functions that sounds great.

As I began working on a real world React/Redux app with 5 other developers, I found the complexity of code to be becoming…

This is the seventh chapter in the 7 part series : Practical Guide to Test Automation.

Watir supports all the leading browsers. The project is configured to allow selecting browser from command line (once driver for browser is added). Also the project supports running chrome in emulator mode to test app on mobile, tablet browser screens.

The app also allows implementing the pages separately for mobile, desktop and tablets. Read runtime commands for more details.

Runtime Options

rake [env=<env-name> | tags=<@tag1,@tag2> | device=<device-name> | pages=<path/to/pages> | data_suite=<name> | url=<url> | report_file=<path> | client=<device&browser> | users=<profiles-name>]


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